Litter "W", date of birth: 28.12.11:- males.

sire.:ChAm,ChRus, ChLv, etc.Legends Top Gun 
dam.:JunChRus, ChRus, Champion of National Kennel Club Kranar Raving Am Beauty
PRA/PLL clear

Pictures at the age of 3 months and 3 weeks:

Kranar Wind of Change - Winter:

Kranar Wait and See - Watson:

Pictures at the age of 2 months(photographer - S.Poluektov)

Puppies together:

Kranar Wait and See - Watson

Kranar Wind of Change - Winter

Kranar Well Done - William


Litter "О"
sire.:JunChRus, ChRus, Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of the National Club of Breed Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia
dam.: JunChRus, ChRus, ChRKF Chessy Small Berry
дата рождения: 28.03.11
PP female Kranar Overdressed(Olly):


Pictures by July, 31th 2011:


June, 6th 2011:

27.02.11 - Litter "B":

sire.:JChRus, ChRus, Grand ChRUs Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia
dam.:JchRus, ChRus, ЧРКФ Kranar Win Runner
Video by 12th June
Video by 15th June

Pictures at the age of 10 weeks

female Back-Chat:

male Bear All Before One :

male Break the Bank:

23.10.10 - litter "Ch":

s.:Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia
d.:Givenchy von Shinbashi
2 пpp males, pp female, 2 hl females.

pp male Kranar Cheery and Young:

pp male Kranar Charleston

pp female Kranar Chasing Rainbows

hl female Kranar Charmed Life

hl female Kranar Cerruti

28.09.10 - Litter "A":

sire.:JChRUs, ChRus, Grand ChRus, Ch NCB Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia
dam.:JChRus, ChRus, Club Winner Kranar Raving Am Beauty

Pictures at the age of 7 weeks

pp male Kranar I Want It All

hl female Kranar Avis Rara

hl male Kranar Aut Caesar

pp female Kranar Arbor Vitae

28.03.10 - litter "A":

sire.: JChRus, ChRus, Club Winner
Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia
dam: JChRus, ChRus, Grand ChRus, Champion of the National Club of the Breed
She Sings Soprano N`Co


male: Kranar Eye Catcher

female: Kranar I Am Your Pride

male: Kranar Ironwill

male: Kranar Alter Ego


© kranar

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